Fans Discover Inconsistency With Proof Presented In APRIL’s Tell-All Exclusive Interview

They found a discrepancy in evidence.

Recently, girl group APRIL gave an exclusive interview with Sports Kyunghyang to share their side of the story regarding bullying allegations. However, it seems that fans have found an inconsistency with one of the claims made.

Through the media outlet, the girls had claimed that they were close enough in their trainee days such that they would take sticker booth photos together. The photo was captioned, “The sticker booth photos from 2015 that were disclosed by APRIL members. Although Lee Hyunjoo had claimed to be bullied since her trainee days, it was discovered the members were close enough to take sticker booth photos.

While initially, fans have claimed that the said photos were not taken pre- debut in 2015, but in 2016, it was later corrected to note that the contents for APRIL’s My Wish had been filmed pre-debut and only released later.

However, fans continued to claim that the photos were taken as part of a video series meant for broadcast and was not a good indication of a good relationship.

The video was released on 30 May 2016 under their video content, APRIL’s My Wish.

Fans have spotted that not only was Yena wearing the same shirt as in the sticker booth photos…

…Naeun was also wearing the same shirt while Hyunjoo had the same hair ribbon on.

Fans also found out that the outfits were sponsored by STYLE NANDA, with a portion of the interviews on the show filmed in the STYLE NANDA flagship store. The store also has a sticker booth located in it.

Previously, Hyunjoo’s younger brother had stepped up, claiming that his sister had been bullied severely, leading to suicide attempts. After DSP Media had denied such claims, other acquaintances that claimed to be Hyunjoo’s classmates reiterated the bullying allegations. Hyunjoo’s most recent statement can be read here.

Source: theqoo

Lee Hyunjoo vs. APRIL's Bullying Allegations

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