More Brands And Variety Shows Pull APRIL’s Naeun From Their Content Due To Recent Controversy

Most brands have halted their advertisements with her.

Following Dongsuh Foods‘ decision to remove APRIL‘s Naeun from their advertisement on Post cereal bars, two other of her current CFs have been pulled.

APRIL’s Naeun currently models for a variety of brands including Good Day soju, Youth soju, J.ESTINA, JinnyKim and more. As of March 3, 2021, J.ESTINA and Samjin Pharmacy have removed all posts and advertisements involving Naeun.

Dongsuh Foods stated to Sports KyunghyangWe have halted all post advertisements after being informed of the ongoing controversy regarding APRIL’s Lee Naeun. We are checking facts with the company and will have an internal meeting regarding the model promotional activities.

Samjin Pharmacy, which produces the Geworin tabs Naeun advertises for has relayed that they have stopped the social media viral advertisements she appears in and will be acting accordingly to the results of the controversy. Similarly, fashion and accessory brand J.ESTINA has told media that all advertisements have been deleted and they will internally be reviewing her modelling contract.

In addition, the Delicious Rendezvous team has stated that they will be editing Naeun’s parts out as much as possible for the episode slated to air on March 4, 2021. Although the controversy has yet to be concluded, the team felt it best so as to not make viewers uncomfortable.

Lastly, regarding her CF contract with Muhak‘s soju brands Good Day and Youth, they will be reviewing plans for future activities internally, while waiting for the truth to be revealed. They have currently turned off comments on their YouTube channel for videos concerning Naeun.

DSP Media has yet to respond.

Source: Sports Kyunghyang, Sporta Kyunghyang and TenAsia
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