Makeup Brand Peripera Accused Of Plagiarizing NewJeans’ Design For PHONING

Here are the similarities.

A makeup brand in South Korea, Peripera, has been accused of plagiarism. According to angered fans, they have plagiarized the unique Y2K design of NewJeansPHONING app. Peripera created a similar design to promote their new collaboration with Maltese Arc.

The designs were based on a social media messaging concept. Both designs featured a highlights or stories reel at the top, and post bubbles below.


Peripera used a similar concept for their promotions.

Peripera’s design. | Peripera

Even the messenger design was similar.

Peripera’s design. | Peripera

NewJeans was the first in the industry to focus on a Y2K, kitschy, retro concept. The PHONING design perfectly embodies this theme.


It is no wonder that fans are upset by Peripera’s designs. The pixel font and overall vibes are similar.

The “video call” function also looked similar to each other.

Peripera’s design. | Peripera

On the other hand, some argued that it was a simple and common enough design.


Some even pointed out the similarities in the logos. While the pixelated font can be considered a staple of Y2K themes, the Peripera logo seems to follow NewJeans’ font, down to the cursive inserts and the regular sans font.

Logo comparison. | Nate Pann

While many are upset at the similarities, others encouraged people to wait for an official statement. It was possible that both were worked on by the same designer.

| Nate Pann
  • They’re exactly the same. I’m curious to hear Peripera’s POV. I wonder if ADOR gave them permission or if the designer was the same as PHONING’s.
  • They completely stole it.
  • It doesn’t seem like Peripera and it feels too much like NewJeans. At first, I thought it was a collaboration.
  • Huh…? This isn’t plagiarism. What is plagiarized?
  • I felt it from back then, but don’t you think that PHONING’s design is too tacky? It’s like a Bono Bono PPT.
  • If it’s a parody, it wouldn’t matter, but they are using this for business purposes. They crossed the line.

Neither Peripera nor ADOR has spoken up on the matter yet.

Source: Nate Pann