A Woman Opens A Petition Against Veteran Singer Sung Sikyung For Allegedly Gaslighting Her

She claims to have been stalked by him.

A woman has recently uploaded a petition into the Blue House’s webpage, claiming that veteran singer Sung Sikyung had gaslighted her. She had previously uploaded a post onto a community site before taking things a step further and formally filing a petition via the Blue House.

On June 19, 2021, she uploaded a post that detailed her alleged experience with the singer. According to the woman, Sung Sikyung allegedly obtained her personal information and has been stalking her. She accuses him of gaslighting her after seeing her message log and YouTube comments. She claims that her acquaintances believe her words.

The woman further claimed if she changed her profile photos on messenger apps, he would upload a similar photo on his social media as well. If she visited a restaurant, he would allegedly visit the same place in a few days and upload a photo at the restaurant too.

Not only that, the woman claims that she is dating Sung Sikyung at the moment and ever since October 2020, he had been secretly sending signals of their relationship through his radio show. She even claimed that he used their DM messages as content for broadcast. The woman claims, “It sounds like a makjang drama right? But it’s the truth. Gaslighting is so scary. Insisting it’s fate and confessing on Christmas through the radio made me reject him, and he acted like he was going to give me a chance to write lyrics and made it seem like if I went to his office I could achieve my dreams.

Lastly, the woman claims that she hopes the matter will help her relieve her injustice of being accused as a crazed stalker fan of Sung Sikyung instead of a victim. Sung Sikyung has yet to speak on the matter.


Source: Star Today