Photos of BTS’s V And Jimin In California Have ARMY Trending “VMin” On Twitter

Lizzo as she sees “vmin” trending on Twitter: ❤️ 👄 ❤️

BTS has officially been in Los Angeles for about a day now, and we’re finally starting to see the carefree BTS x LA content we’ve been waiting for!

| j-hope/Weverse

Yesterday, J-Hope posted to Weverse to share some snap shots of himself posing with a statue outside of a high end retailer in West Hollywood. Today, we’re getting some shots of the 95ers as V posts to Twitter and J-Hope shares a picture of Jimin on his Weverse moments. Oh what a day!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

It looks like V liked J-Hope’s photo op so much he had to also get a quick pic of himself by the statue. It’s giving very much younger brother who looks up to his older brother vibes. Very cute!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

V loves to add bonus pictures for ARMY, so he also included a black and white shot of himself standing on the side of a palm tree-lined street and captioned it “It’s been a long long time – bing crosby” as an homage to the “It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas” jazz singer and a cute greeting to ARMY (in very much V’s own style).

| j-hope/Weverse

Shortly after, J-Hope shared a moment with ARMY on Weverse a picture of Jimin!

Dear CSAT takers, you’ve worked so hard! As a gift for you, here’s a picture of excited Jiminie 😅🥰

— J-Hope

It’s almost a definite given that K-ARMY (Korean ARMY) who took the CSATs were given strength from that picture and sweet message alone! ARMY couldn’t help but to trend “vmin” on Twitter as they got to see pictures of both 95ers within minutes of each other.

We can’t wait to see what other moments the boys will share from the days leading up to their highly anticipated Permission to Dance On Stage concert! Maybe J-Hope will get to eat some In-N-Out?

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