“Physical: 100” Contestants Shim Eu Ddeum And Agent H Respond To Fan Questions In The Most Iconic Way

They had a strong message for the haters as well.

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Netflix‘s reality survival series Physical: 100 slingshotted many South Korean athletes into the international spotlight. Although it was an excellent opportunity to gain popularity, some contestants were already famous in their home country, like Olympic gold medalist Yun Sung Bin and car dealer Jo Jin Hyeong who had previously appeared in a K-Drama.

Yun Sung Bin | @top.physical/Instagram

Fitness influencers also participated in the show, like Youtubers Agent H and Shim Eu Ddeum. They were fan favorites, but Agent H was eliminated in the third episode. Shim Eu Ddeum, on the other hand, barely survived until the sixth episode due to a last-chance revival challenge.

Shim Eu Ddeum (left) and Agent H (right) | 힙으뜸/YouTube

The pair reunited to film content on Shim Eu Ddeum’s YouTube channel, 힙으뜸. They decided to address the most-asked question the Physical: 100 cast always gets. The video started with the caption, “What Physical: 100 contestants hear every day.

Next was a series of hilarious questions all aimed to know one thing: Who won the show? True professionals, the two athletes did nothing but shrug and denied any knowledge of who the final winner was.

Who’s going to win? Will Choo Sung Hoon, Yoon Sung Bin, Nam Kyung Jin win? I’m not gunna tell anyone!! Who’s going to win?!

Lastly, Agent H and Shim Eu Ddeum had the most iconic response to a query many athletes receive, “Are you natural?” The duo confronted the camera and viciously ended the Q&A. As fitness influencers, the authenticity of their hard work must always be questioned, and fans asking if they take artificial supplements to boost their performance must be offensive.

Although Agent H has been eliminated from Physical: 100, fans will look forward to seeing how far Shim Eu Ddeum can go and if she can win the grand prize of ₩300 million KRW (about $238,000 USD)!

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