Artist Pink Sweat$ Is Open To A Collaboration With NCT 127 And We’re All Here For It

SM Entertainment, are you hearing this?

When NCT‘s Jaehyun sang a short snippet of Pink Sweat$‘s “Honesty” on a video call fansign event, the internet went crazy. He’s known to be an ardent fan of the singer, often recommending his songs during live streams.

This was over a month ago – however, on the 20th of August, fellow NCT member, Doyoung, sent a short snippet of him covering the same song, via Dear U. Bubble.

One fan, @jaehyunzmilk on Twitter, took it upon herself to send the covers in to Pink Sweat$ himself, and received a reply back from the world-famous pop star. On the 23rd of August, she uploaded the video of Doyoung’s cover on her Instagram, and casually asked him for a collaboration, to which he replied that he was “down” for it!

| @jaehyunzmilk/Twitter

Later on, she sent the clip of Jaehyun singing “Honesty” as well and the star followed up by asking her for Jaehyun’s Instagram in particular, probably as Doyoung himself does not have one yet.

| @jaehyunzmilk/Twitter

Her Instagram stories of the covers were reposted by Pink Sweat$ on the day itself, and everyone thought that it had ended there. On the morning of the 24th of August however, the artist took to his official Twitter account to post an adorable edit of the covers of “Honesty” by Jaehyun and Doyoung, including all the relevant tags and hashtags!

Fans were absolutely thrilled to see their idols get recognition from the original singer themselves. Pink Sweat$ even started following NCT 127 on Twitter.

With fans and Pink Sweat$ himself up for a collab, what’s stopping the million-selling group? In the meantime, if you’ve yet to hear how luscious their vocals would be together, take a listen to Jaehyun’s cover of “I Like Me Better” below that has recently hit 31 million views.