“Player 9” Cho Gue Sung Gains Attention After Turning A Soccer Club’s TikTok Account Into A Stan Account

“It’s slowly turning into this fine man’s fandom account…”

This year’s World Cup has seemingly captured the hearts of netizens worldwide. After BTS‘s Jungkook took a picture with the South Korean team, the players gained attention for their dazzling visuals.

In particular, one person who really gained attention was “Player 9.”

Player 9 | TikTok

On TikTok, the platform seemed full of videos referring to the player on the South Korean team with the number “9.” Many users on TikTok didn’t know who this handsome AF soccer player was and went to the internet to find answers. It turns out that “Player 9” is actually Cho Gue Sung.

His Instagram saw a huge surge in followers as he went from thousands to over 1.5 million in less than a week, even though he’s only done five posts.

Cho Gue Sung | @whrbtjd/Instagram
| @whrbtjd/Instagram

Well, it seems like the player has gained so much attention that he’s turned a soccer club’s TikTok account into a stan account.

Since Cho Gue Sung started gaining attention, @jeonbuk_1994 on TikTok has been popping up on everyone’s “FYP” with videos of the athlete. Whether it’s videos of the athlete on the pitch…

An introduction…

Getting his haircut…


And even “Pre-debut” pictures of the athlete. It was the combination of the videos with the TikTok music that made netizens think it had definitely turned into a stan account.

When the TikTok videos were first posted,

Although it might seem odd at first, it doesn’t seem to be that surprising as the football club that has become the stan account is actually Cho Gue Sung’s football team Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors.

Cho Gue Sung actually joined the club in 2020 and has been playing for the team for several years.

At first, it confused fans as they thought it was a stan account, but they loved how the team was supporting their athlete.

With their last group match today against Portugal, a lot of netizens will be hoping that South Korea will continue their journey to see more of the handsome players, including Cho Gue Sung.

You can read more about “Player 9” below.

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Source: @jeonbuk_1994

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