“Player 9” Cho Gue Sung Goes Shirtless And Stuns Viewers For 30 Seconds Straight

Happy holidays indeed…! 🥹🎁

The 2022 Qatar World Cup star Cho Gue Sung from Team Korea had another one of his sensational television moments!

Soccer Player Cho Gue Sung | @whrbtjd/Instagram

Rising to stardom overnight as “Player 9,” Cho Gue Sung starred in an I Live Alone episode. There, Cho Gue Sung stunned viewers as he guided them through his home and life.

Cho Gue Sung on “I Live Alone” | @mbc_ilivealone/Instagram

While moments like his adorable bedhead…

and his intense workout did grab the viewers’ attention…

The real shocker was when Cho Gue Sung walked out of the shower shirtless—with his godly physique in all its glory. I Live Alone hosts also gasped, being 200% impressed!

For 30 seconds straight, Cho Gue Sung charmed the viewers:

SHINee’s Key: Oh, gosh-!

Park Na Rae: Oh, wow, wow, wow.

Kian84: His abs look like a grenade?!

SHINee’s Key: My goodness…

Alongside his abs, Cho Gue Sung was also spotted shaving. And his transformation from a rugged beast to a center-worthy idol visual kept viewers hitting “Replay!”

Guys, ‘Cho Gue Sung Shaving’ exists. It’s all the stimulation you can get in this world.

— @vuesgamos/Twitter

The whole internet is falling in love with Player 9 all over again—though for a lot more than his looks. I Live Alone showcased not only Cho Gue Sung’s A+ bod but also his A+ personality.

| theqoo & MBC/YouTube
  • “I WANT TO CRY.”
  • “Oh, heavens…”
  • “I didn’t quite understand why men shaving was deemed sexy. But I see it is.”
  • “He looks mature, but he talks like a cutie patootie. Haha.”
  • “He acts kind of mature for his age, but is too cute when he does aegyo. He’s the full package.”
  • “Thank you. Seriously. THANK YOU.”

Looks like Player 9, aegyo-powered and full of love, is simply irresistible!

Watch the full clip here.

For more on Cho Gue Sung’s abs, check out his latest photoshoot!

“Number 9” Cho Gue Sung Has Everyone Thirsting Over Him In A New Shirtless Photoshoot

Source: theqoo
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