Police Find Memo Presumed To Be Goo Hara’s Will, No Updates On Whether Autopsy Will Be Done

They are still deciding whether or not to hold an autopsy.

Police found a memo that seems to be written by Goo Hara and is currently investigating if it is considered a will.

They found the memo on November 25 at the location of her passing. Police will have to investigate the note further to confirm that Goo Hara wrote it and that it is a will.

They added that certain parts of the memo could be ambiguous.

The police have not yet decided whether or not to hold an autopsy.

According to the Gangnam Police Department, she was found passed away in her Cheongdam-dong house around 6pm KST today. Currently, they are investigating for more details and have not released any further updates.

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Source: fnnews

Goo Hara's Passing