Police Officially Apply For Arrest Warrant For Jung Joon Young

Police has officially requested for an arrest warrant.

As of the morning of March 18 KST, the regional investigation unit of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency will apply for an arrest warrant for Jung Joon Young, for violating the Act on Sexual Crimes of Violence.


It has also been reported that the police currently do not have plans on applying for an arrest warrant for Seungri.


Back on March 15, police raided and seized evidence from Jung Joon Young’s house and car, and following the search and seizure, reportedly obtained more evidence to prove the key charges against Jung Joon Young.


Jung Joon Young has been investigated overnight on two occasions now. He was investigated for 21 hours starting on March 14, 10am to March 15, 7am. He also was present for investigations for an additional 5 hours, starting March 17, 11pm to March 18, 4am.


New chat logs have revealed how Jung Joon Young could potentially be tied to the sex trade, and some of the hidden camera videos he did take have spread to other people through Apple’s AirDrop.

KBS News Reveals Additional Chat Logs Linking Jung Joon Young to the Sex Trade

Source: Chosun

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