Police Reveal Updates Regarding Goo Hara’s Memo And CCTV Analysis

Police revealed more updates about the investigation.

Police revealed that they had found a handwritten memo at Goo Hara’s house after her passing. The Seoul Police Department stated that the memo revealed negative thoughts about herself.


Police officials commented, “The note was very short and found on the living room table.”

They continued, “The housekeeper found Goo Hara passed away at her house on November 24 around 6 PM KST. After on-site investigation and testimonies from family and friends, it seems that there are no criminal charges currently.”


The housekeeper tried to contact Goo Hara and ended up visiting her house after she could not reach her. The housekeeper is known to have a close relationship with Goo Hara.

In regards to the CCTV analysis, they stated, “After taking a look at the CCTV footage, it shows that Goo Hara returned home on November 24 at 12:35 AM. No one else has visited the house since then.”


They are currently talking with the family members as to whether or not they will be conducting an autopsy.


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Source: voice of the people

Goo Hara's Passing

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