Police reveal witness testimony from Bumkey’s case

On December 12th, the police have revealed more information after questioning a witness involved in Bumkey‘s alleged drug trafficking case.

Hip Hop artist, Bumkey, was arrested on December 11th on drug trafficking charges. He has denied all accusations and his agency BrandNew Music even released a statement saying, “We are sorry that our artist Bumkey has been involved such an incident and would like to plead that fans stay away from making wild conjectures in this matter. We plead for you to wait, and we would like to extend our deepest apologies once again.” Bumkey underwent a second hearing on December 11th but the results from this hearing are not known yet.

Now the police have released the statement from a witness, whom we shall address as witness “A.” According to the police, this witness was asked a series of questions which included “Did you purchase methamphetamine for $500 from the accused?” and “Did you in the autumn of  the same year purchase methamphetamine from Kwon Ki Bum (Bumkey)?”

Witness “A” answered these questions with a “Yes” and gave specific amounts of money involved as well the locations of where the trades took place.

An acquaintance of Bumkey defended him by saying, “The drug users arrested included producers and doctors, many of whom are Bumkey’s acquaintances. There was a transfer of money with one of them but that was simply for a settlement of debt not for the purpose of drug trading. Bumkey has nothing to do with the current drug incident but is under suspicion because he was on friendly terms with those arrested. He was under suspicion of using the drugs himself but it is now known that he tested negative for drug use.”

Source: Seoul En,Reviewstar