Political Committee Criticizes X1’s Agencies For Moving Forward With Group’s Debut Despite The Voting Investigation

The agencies responded to the committee’s claims.

As the police are investigating the claims that PRODUCE X 101 manipulated the final votes for the debuting members of X1, the members’ agencies had reportedly held a meeting to confirm that the group will debut without any hindrance from the voting controversy.

A political committee that aims to discover the truth behind the controversy criticized the agencies for moving forward with X1’s debut despite the uncertainty of the votes’ legitimacy. They claimed that the agencies were basically calling the audience and fans “stupid” with their decision.

On July 29, 2019, around 4 pm, the agencies of the 20 trainees made an announcement that they decided to support X1’s debut plans.

Despite the fact that none of the suspicions regarding the debut group’s final ranking were resolved, the agencies decided to push forward with the debut with the producers. That action itself is calling the national producers and audience stupid.

The Truth Confirmation Committee will continue to work hard so that the PRODUCE X 101‘s producers will reveal the transparent truth behind the votings. We will not rest until the truth has been revealed.

We ask everyone to continue to remain firm on the matter so that the Truth Confirmation Committee could stand up against the large company, CJ ENM.

— Truth Confirmation Committee


As a response to the committee’s criticisms, many of the agencies who were present at the meeting revealed that although they met to discuss X1’s debut, they did not conclude the meeting with a solid decision.

MBK Entertainment’s CEO Kim Kwang Soo gathered the agencies of the PRODUCE X 101 trainees to a hotel in Gangnam around 3 pm. He claimed, ‘We need to release a statement that we will be debuting X1 regardless of the current police investigations.’

He told us if it’s difficult to release an official statement, at least agree to let Mnet release a statement about it.

The suspicions were first brought up by the national producers, so what would it matter if the agencies agreed to debut X1? We couldn’t agree with [moving forward with the debut], so we rejected [CEO Kim]’s suggestion.

It seems as though the situation continues to grow complicated without any progress.

— Unspecified Agency Representative


Swings Entertainment, the agency that managed Wanna One and will most likely manage X1, revealed that “CEO Kim Kwang Soo participated in the meeting with the agencies but he wasn’t the one to call for a meeting or lead it.

As the investigation and controversy continue to develop, X1’s initial debut plans for August 27 remains uncertain.

Source: Xports News and Maeil Kyungjae