X1 Members’ Agencies Reassures Fans That Their Debut Will Not Be Affected By The Voting Controversy

“The trainees in the debut group are having a very difficult time emotionally.”

As the police are looking into PRODUCE X 101‘s voting controversy, the agencies of X1 members gathered together to reassure fans that the group will be debuting as planned without any hindrance from the investigation.


Representatives from each of the companies gathered at a hotel in Gangnam to hold a meeting where they confirmed to the press that they will be supporting and moving forward with X1’s debut next month as originally planned. Mnet did not attend the meeting.

The trainees in the debut group are having a very difficult time emotionally. We can’t simply wait for the investigative results, so the agencies have decided to take a lead on their debut.

We will go forward as planned and re-discuss when the investigative results are out.

— X1 Trainee’s Agencies


When asked about the potential debut of the project group, BY9, the agencies claimed that it was best for X1 to debut as planned so that the BY9 members’ agencies can also begin discussing what they want to do with the potential group.

We see that X1 has to debut and the other groups’ agencies need to discuss their plans to debut after deciding what to do with the situation.

— X1 Trainee’s Agencies


PRODUCE X 101 was accused of manipulating the votes after netizens discovered an unusual sequence in numbers between the rankings’ differences. Mnet initially explained that there was an error but the rankings were still the same. As the issue blew up into a massive controversy when Mnet refused to provide the raw data, Mnet decided to hand over the investigation to the police for a more thorough investigation.

X1 is the final debuting group from PRODUCE X 101, which will include the top 10 and X trainees. The group is scheduled to make their official debut on August 27 at the Gocheok Sky Dome for a Showcase+Concert.

Source: Sports Chosun