POPSTIVAL 2022 Unites K-Pop And P-Pop In An Unforgettable Night For Filipino Fans

K-Pop and P-Pop unite!

POPSTIVAL 2022 brought together 6 K-Pop acts from South Korea with 10 P-Pop acts from the Philippines in the same lineup on October 21, 2022. Neuwave Events & Productions organized the event. They were also responsible for the Be You: The World Will Adjust concert, featuring P-Pop acts alongside famous K-Pop girl group Red Velvet, and Zoom in Manila, K-Pop rapper Jessi‘s first concert in the Philippines.

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The K-Pop lineup featured 4 acts from Mnet‘s Queendom 2 competition reality series: Hyolyn, Brave Girls, LOONA, and VIVIZ. Rapper BE’O and Park Bom accompanied them. The P-Pop acts included some of the most prominent groups in the Philippines: Calista, Vxon, Lady Pipay, Bini, Felip, Kaia, G22, Alamat, Press Hit Play, and SB19.

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POPSTIVAL 2022 began away from the main stage, with an area sectioned off to provide entertainment for fans while they waited for the concert to begin. There were mini-games, food stalls, and some opening acts like a lookalike contest and a performance from P-Pop group SMS. Many people were there for the K-Pop acts, holding lightsticks and placards in Korean. Some booths run by dedicated fans also gave out free merch to support the different groups.

After some time, the audience was finally allowed to enter the main concert area. Some fans sat on the dirt in the sun and rain for hours to secure a spot close to the stage.

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Initially, the main concert was supposed to begin at 5 pm, but for the safety of the performers, it was delayed by about 45 minutes to dry the stage. Finally, at around 6 pm, POPSTIVAL 2022 kicked off with killer performances from G22, Vxon, and Alamat!

Fans were then surprised by the announcement that before continuing the P-Pop acts, all 6 K-Pop artists would be taking the stage! The South Korean artists had a plane to catch on the same night of the festival, so they decided to go ahead of the P-Pop groups to make their flight. Everyone lost their minds when BE’O entered the stage and performed 8 different songs!

He was quickly followed by Hyolyn, who gave Filipino fans a once-in-a-lifetime experience by performing a mashup of SISTAR‘s “Ma Boy,” “Touch My Body,” and “Shake It,” among other hits.

Next went LOONA, who were unfortunately incomplete, but still pulled off a fantastic stage of 4 songs, beginning with their latest Korean single, “Flip That!”

Then, Brave Girls had everyone screaming with their performance which was finished with their signature song, “Rollin.'”

VIVIZ followed, and all the fans fell for their charms and danced to their debut single, “BOP BOP!”

Last but not least, Park Bom owned the stage, starting with a performance of 2NE1‘s “Fire” and a finale of “You And I.”

The K-Pop fans were satisfied at this point, but then the P-Pop fans surged forward to catch the remaining 7 acts. Felip, Calista, Kaia, Press Hit Play, Bini, and Lady Pipay performed one after another, a dream come true for P-Pop lovers.

Among all the P-Pop groups, SB19 had the most fans in the crowd, and they didn’t disappoint as the final act. They shook the ground with their “WYAT (Where You At)” performance.

Although the concert unexpectedly ended after midnight, there was not a single unsatisfied audience member in the crowd. Fans will look forward to the next time K-Pop and P-Pop can come together to perform again.