Popular Boy Group Member Surprises Fans With Pregnancy Announcement

He’s still active as an idol!

Singer and actor Hoon, a member of the popular second-generation boy group U-KISS, recently announced that he is going to be a father soon!

U-KISS’ Hoon | @yhm1991/Instagram

On October 4, Hoon personally shared the news with fans through his Instagram. He posted the ultrasound photo of the baby and, in the caption, wrote, “I will do my best as a father.”

Did everyone spent the holidays well? On October 4, the Day of Angels, I am here to share some good news. A very precious new life that my wife and I have been desperately hoping and waiting for has finally come to the world. This 27-week-old baby is my son, and fascinatingly, he already looks like me!

Thank you so much for coming to us like this, baby. We will be good parents so that you can grow up healthily and uprightly, amidst lots of love and blessings.
As a father, I will do my best for my wife, who worked hard, and my baby, who is growing healthily!
Please send us your blessings! Thank you!

— Hoon

Hoon married his wife, Hwang Ji Sun, in a private ceremony on May 29, 2022.

Hwang Ji Sun was a former member of the popular girl group Girl’s Day, but she left the team officially soon after their debut. She returned to the idol industry soon after as the main vocalist, leader, and dancer of a new group, New.FO. Following this group’s disbandment, she re-debuted with ShaFLA in 2018.

Hwang Ji Sun | @shafla_official/Instagram
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Hoon, on the other hand. debuted as a member of U-KISS in February 2011 after the departure of Alexander Lee Eusebio and Kim Kibum. He still continues to be a member of the group despite moving to a new agency in 2022 after his contract with NH Media expired.