Popular K-Drama “Healer” Will Be Getting A Webtoon Version 6 Years After The Drama Ended

What new surprises will the webtoon hold?

Popular K-Drama Healer will be getting a webtoon version produced for it, 6 years after the show finished airing.

The team behind the Healer webtoon shared in their press release that Healer will be getting a webtoon version of it produced. Few other details were shared about the Healer webtoon, but there is a lot of attention on how the story from the K-Drama version of Healer would be portrayed in the webtoon version.

Healer will be the second popular K-Drama to be serialized in webtoon format, with Fight for my Way being confirmed for a webtoon version back in May.

| Yonhap

Healer starred Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young, and told the story of a group of friends who try to uncover the secrets behind a series of past incidents and their growth as reporters, trying to reveal the truth even though they are going up against media giants. The webtoon version will be available through webtoon platforms such as Naver and Kakao.

Source: Sports Chosun