Popular Taiwanese Drama “Someday Or One Day” Confirms Korean Remake Version

Who do you want to see as the cast?

Popular Taiwanese drama Someday Or One Day has confirmed they will be making a Korean remake version.

Lian Contents and npoie Entertainment announced today they have completed the process for allowing Someday Or One Day to be produced in Korea. The remake rights have been fully agreed upon between the Korean production company and Taiwan’s Three Phoenixes Production Co. and Fox Networks Group Asia Pacific.

Someday Or One Day starred Ko Chiayen, Greg Hsu, Patrick Shih, and Kenny Yen and told the story of of a woman who wished to see her deceased boyfriend, as he died in an airplane accident. She keeps sending him messages, but of course, receives no response. However, one day after receiving a package containing a cassette tape, she is transported back to 1998 and takes over the body of a student. The drama continues with the mystery of time and space, as she tries to figure out her identity and the identity of those around her.

Someday Or One Day was widely popular not only in Taiwan, but many other Asian countries as well, being aired in South Korea through Wavve and WeLike in April 2020.

Source: SPOTV