Fans Accurately Predict GOT7’s Jackson Wang As The Latest Idol To Collab With Jay Park

Jackson is Jay’s latest dance partner for “GANADARA!”

Korean American rapper, singer-songwriter, dancer, producer, and entrepreneur Jay Park is collecting K-Pop idols like Pokémon cards!

He recently collaborated with beloved solo artist IU for the new song “GANADARA,” and it’s a certified bop.

Of course, no song is well promoted unless it’s taken over our TikTok or Instagram FYPs. So, Jay Park has created a point dance challenge for the new single, one of the best methods to get a song out there.

Not only that, but he has been enlisting the help of famous friends and collaborating with K-Pop idols…

It’s quite common now, especially in the K-Pop industry, to meet up with other celebrities and idols and participate in each other’s dance challenges, helping to promote one another’s latest songs.

Many idols have danced his “GANADARA” challenge, and Jay Park recently did STAYC‘s “RUN2U” challenge.


박재범선배님과 그루브~ #주춤주춤 🙌 #STAYC #스테이씨 #RUN2U #RUN2U_challenge #STAYC_tiktok @jayparkisoverparty


There are so many great collaborative “GANADARA” dance videos now, as Jay Park has collaborated with many of our favorites. Examples include (G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon, SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon and Hoshi, ATEEZ‘s Mingi, Kang DanielGOT7‘s Jay B, etc.

After responding to some criticism regarding the recent collaborations, he remained positive and implied that he would soon release another Instagram Reel with another celeb…

Some suggested pH-1

We’re still waiting.

Others hoped for another GOT7 member, Yugyeom. Like Jay B, he has a connection with Jay Park through Park-founded companies H1GHR MUSIC and AOMG, respectively.

Again, it’s not him (yet)…

| Twitter

So far, none of the guesses were right. Instead, he’s been releasing many dance challenges, and no guess was correct until now…

There was another GOT7 member Ahgases were hopeful for. It was none other than Jackson Wang!

They pulled out the receipts too! The two have interacted on Instagram and seemed to hint at some sort of collaboration in the past. Especially considering Jackson recently returned to Korea, it has to be now.

Well, it looks like these fans were so right! Jackson is, in fact, Jay Park’s latest dance partner!

Ahgases got exactly what they hoped for!

It was so good to see Jackson back and dancing again too.

We all missed him so much. It feels like forever since we’ve seen Jackson. Even when he released his new mixtape LOST & FOUND, he himself was nowhere to be found.

Naturally, Jackson has been trending since the Instagram Reel was posted. His impact!

Screenshot on March 24, 2022. | Twitter

Jay B, too, loved the Reel! He “liked” Jay Park’s post.

| @moresojuplease/Instagram

Now, we’re expecting Yugyeom next!

Source: @moresojuplease