“A Princess Like Friend”—BTS’s RM Dishes Out His First Crush And Fondest Childhood Memories

A rare sneak peek of his pre-idol life.

BTS‘s RM recently appeared on two episodes of Melon Station to discuss his new album Indigo. During the second episode, which aired on December 4, KST, he shared some never-heard-before stories from different periods of his life, starting right from his baby days.


RM prefaced his stories by saying he was a “difficult” child to raise. Right from childbirth, it was difficult for his parents since he was a very healthy-sized baby. Since he cried a lot and was stubborn, he heard his parents had a hard time handling him.


But baby RM already had a genius brain, as he quickly learned Hangul. RM joked that since he was disobedient as a baby, he is trying to compensate for it by being very filial now.

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RM remembered his kindergarten days with more fondness. He spent his free time playing chicken fights with friends, hanging out at the playground, camping at the kindergarten, and having a sleepover there. He also recalled how some “scary middle school hyungs” would take away his bouncy ball or ttakji (paper cards used in a traditional Korean game). While talking about it, RM was perplexed: “I don’t know why they extorted kindergarten kids like that, but I remember it happening.

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The outgoing baby RM also had a girl in his class that he liked the most. During the first grade, she was his classmate, and he described her as “a princess-like friend in my class.”


RM went on to talk about the later years of his life when he spent grade 9 and the first semester of grade 10 in Ilsan before moving to Seoul and becoming a trainee.

RM as a trainee | | BIGHIT MUSIC

He remembered his school being very strict with regulations, spending time with his friends at the night study hall, and liking liberal arts and PE the most out of all the subjects. RM mentioned that the friends he made during those years are still some of his closest people and that he meets them often even now!


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