PRISTIN Fans Furious At Pledis Entertainment’s Lack Of Response Over Group Activities 

K-Highs are beyond angry with the agency.

Pledis Entertainment received a number of protest from fans of PRISTIN over their alleged lack of group activities.


In fact, fans took matters into their own hands by posting notes on their building and demanded for at least a comeback. But it seems like the agency has angered them more by not acknowledging their protests or even taking down the notes from the building. 


There are also accusations that the agency has been deleting posts related to their comeback protest on their official fancafe. 


Pledis Entertainment did not respond to any of the protests but fans are demanding for their attention through various ways on SNS. 


PRISTIN last promoted as a project unit Pristin V last May 2018, but has not released any single as a group since their last release, Schxxl Out, in 2017. 


Meanwhile, the future of PRISTIN’s maknae Kyla also remains uncertain as the agency remains silent about her indefinite hiatus. However, Kyla’s sister reassured fans that she hasn’t officially left the group or the agency yet.