Recent Video of PRISTIN’s Kyla Working at a Carnival Surfaces, Netizens Attack Her Again

They found out what she has been doing.

Pledis Entertainment girl group PRISTIN has been promoting in a variety of formats recently, whether it was 9 members or a 5 member unit in PRISTIN V. The group has not promoted as a full group since October 12, 2017, almost exactly 1 year ago when Kyla announced her hiatus due to health issues.

PRISTIN Kyla temporarily leaving group, staying in US due to poor health condition


She was spotted around 1 month ago with family and friends at an amusement park, but netizens were quick to attack her for her alleged weight gain.

Recent Photos Of PRISTIN’s Kyla Surface, Netizens Attack Her For Weight Gain


She has since been spotted again in public, but this time working at a carnival as a vendor, collecting money for one of numerous games at a carnival (sometimes referred to as a carnie).


The video, which first surfaced on Weibo, stated that Kyla was spotted working at a carnival in Los Angeles.


Netizens were quick to attack her with hate comments once again, but others were just as eager to defend her.

  • How could she become fat like this?
  • Her life has turned upside down.
  • She is still fat.
  • How can you say she is fat, is she eating your family’s food? Why do you care so much about her body?
  • But her face is still pretty.
  • I heard she was sick and taking medicine, I don’t know if this is right.
  • This is really the fault of the agency, just let her go.


International fans were also quick to defend their group’s artist and request action from Pledis Entertainment, and even Kyla herself on whether she wants to continue with the group.