Rumors Of PRISTIN Members Re-Debuting In New Group Reportedly Revealed To Be Untrue

A representative who works with the former members spoke up.

News reports previously claimed that the former members of PRISTIN who left Pledis Entertainment will be re-debuting as a new girl group. The members allegedly signed with a new startup agency and were training to debut with other additional members.

However, Big Data News claims the reports are false. The media company got in touch with a representative who works with the girls, and they clarified that the claims were groundless.

The reports that claim the former members of PRISTIN signed with a startup agency to debut in a new girl group is false.

Some of the members are currently attending school and studying for tests. I don’t know why this rumor started.

— Former PRISTIN Members’ Representative

While the media continues to relay contrasting reports, Pledis Entertainment remains mum about their potential plans for the remaining PRISTIN members and the members who left.

PRISTIN’s Kyulkyung, Yehana, and Sungyeon (from left to right) renewed their contracts with Pledis
Source: Big Data News