Former PRISTIN’s Xiyeon Calls Out Creepy DMs Asking For Her Hand In Marriage

The creepiest thing? He’s 17 years older.

Former PRISTIN‘s Xiyeon recently took to her Instagram stories to call out some insanely creepy DMs that she has been receiving from the same person.

| @0_0.1114/Instagram

These DMs come from a Byun Won Seob, @sangdaero on Instagram, as her screenshots bravely reveal. They start from as early as before September 2020 and have continued in the same manner. The creepy messages include the following.

  • “Boyfriend Byun Won Seob, Girlfriend Park Xiyeon”
  • “Let’s get married, I love you”
  • “Are you coming to get married with me?”
  • “Honey, I love you.”
  • “Let’s date.”
  • “My girlfriend, I love you”


“Please stop.” | @0_0.1114/Instagram

Xiyeon accompanied it with a caption telling him to stop. These messages continue in a similar manner, even revealing his personal phone number to her and asking her to call him. Although it is easy for a normal person to block an account on Instagram, idols or celebrities may receive backlash for it.

| @0_0.1114/Instagram

What is the creepiest is that he even left his birth date in the messages, revealing himself to be born in 1983. Xiyeon is born in 2000, making her just 20 years old internationally this year.

While PRISTIN has disbanded, Xiyeon is currently active as an actress. She recently starred in webdrama, TRAP. Catch her acting skills below!

Source: Star Today