PRISTIN’s Nayoung Has Opened Up Her Own Personal Instagram Account

The leader of PRISTIN is now on Instagram!

On May 18, 2019, PRISTIN member Nayoung opened her own personal Instagram account. She also shared her first photo, which is of her on a bicycle.

She currently follows fourteen people, including her fellow PRISTIN members and her old I.O.I members. She also follows Yoona of Girls’ Generation, Shin Sae Kyeong, Yoo Hye Won, Hong Su Zu, DIA‘s Huihyeon, and some members of Comic Girls (WJSN). She also follows the official PRISTIN account.

Many are happy over PRISTIN’s leader opening her own Instagram account, but some wonder if the members opening their own SNS accounts mean that PRISTIN is really over.

If you want more updates from Nayoung herself, follow her Instagram @nayoung_lim95!