Professional MMA Fighter Seo Ji Yeon Sues Former Gym Manager For Sexual Assault — She Gets Countersued

He is countersuing for damages.

According to Tenasia, professional MMA fighter Seo Ji Yeon has been countersued for false charges of sexual assault. On July 15, it was reported that Seo Ji Yeon’s former gym manager, Mr. A had filed charges against her with complaints of the false allegations.

MMA fighter Seo Ji Yeon | @jiyeon.s_0/Instagram

Previously, Seo Ji Yeon accused Mr. A of committing sexual assault and filed a lawsuit against him as a result. Following the police investigation, however, Mr. A was declared not guilty and was freed from all of Seo Ji Yeon’s charges.

Not too long after he was acquitted, Mr. A countersued Seo Ji Yeon for damages and for his innocence.

| @jiyeon.s_0/Instagram

Seo Ji Yeon gained fame for becoming one of the youngest professional MMA fighters. She debuted at the age of 18 and became the youngest Philippine URCC Women’s Flyweight Champion in 2018.

Seo Ji Yeon winning URCC Women’s Flyweight in 2018 | @JHKMMA/TWitter

The MMA fighter also gained fame after appearing on Channel E‘s Sporty Sisters. The now 20-year-old impressed with her fighting skills during her time on the variety program, but she gained even more attention when it was revealed that she was related to BTS’s RM.

Caption: “Ji Yeon is BTS RM’s cousin” | Channel E

While not much information about the lawsuit has been provided at this time, we hope it gets resolved justly.

Source: WikiTree and Tenasia