BTS RM’s Pro-MMA Fighter Cousin Seo Ji Yeon To Make Variety Debut On Channel E’s “Sporty Sisters”

ARMYs are excited to support her!

In a previous interview, Pro-MMA fighter Seo Ji Yeon revealed that she’s the cousin of BTS‘s RM.

| @jiyeon.s_0/Instagram

Now, the athlete is making her variety debut on Channel E’s “Sporty Sisters.”

| @jiyeon.s_0/Instagram

Known for her striking resemblance to her cousin, the two share more than just good looks!

Seo Ji Yeon is a hardworking and successful athlete and will appear as the kickboxing coach for the cast of “Sporty Sisters” as they take up both kickboxing and jiu-jitsu in the upcoming episode.

Check out the exciting preview below!