“Produce 101 Japan The Girls” Contestant’s Unexpected Connection To NewJeans Shocks Audience

Netizens hope she’ll finally make her debut!

NewJeans launched to stardom at an incredible speed after their surprise debut last July. Due to the unexpected nature of their debut, not much was known about the members’ training period.

Over the last year, some information about the group’s pre-debut period has come to be known through the members themselves, or fellow HYBE Labels artists, including LE SSERAFIM‘s Sakura, who revealed that Yunjin trained alongside the NewJeans members.

(From left:) NewJeans’ Hanni, Minji, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein | @NewJeans_twt/Twitter

Even before their debut, rumors spread about ADOR trainees who were speculated to be members of the new girl group, NewJeans.

Talented child actress Ryu Han Bi was rumored to join the group and was even allegedly considered for LE SSERAFIM’s line-up…

Actress Ryu Han Bi in 2018

… and R U Next? contestant and I’LL-IT member Lee Youngseo was also rumored to be in the pre-debut line-up for NewJeans, having trained alongside the members.

I’LL-IT’s Lee Youngseo

Recently, the upcoming idol survival program, Produce 101 Japan The Girls, released a new teaser, introducing intriguing facts about the trainees.

One trainee, Sakurai Miu, may be familiar to K-Pop fans as she previously competed on Nizi Project and Girls Planet 999, whose final contestants debuted in NiziU and Kep1er, respectively.

Sakurai Miu

In the short promo video for the show’s first episode, scheduled to air October 5, Sakurai Miu revealed that she was almost a member of NewJeans.

Sakurai Miu stated that she was in the group’s pre-debut line-up and that she practiced alongside the now-members.

After her confession, the camera panned to the shocked reactions of her fellow contestants in the audience.

Following her unexpected confession, netizens shared their support for Sakurai Miu, hoping that her third time on an idol survival show will lead to her successful debut!

Recently, another Produce 101 Japan The Girls contestant earned attention for her resemblance to Chuu.

Check out more on that in the article below!

A “Produce 101 Japan The Girls” Contestant Becomes A Hot Topic Among K-Netizens Because Of Her Resemblance To Chuu

Source: YouTube

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