Produce 101 Lim Young Min’s brother helped him cheat in the concept missions

Produce 101 contestant Lim Young Min was caught cheating in the concept missions for the competition, and will be given a penalty.

The second season of Produce 101 has seen several cases of cheating in concept missions, including Daniel Kang, Kim Dong Bin, and Lee Ki Won, where contestants have secretly tried to communicate which songs they want to perform to their fans.

Recently, contestant Lim Young Min was also found to have cheated on the concept missions, in that his older brother shared Lim Young Min’s song preferences to his fans through a mobile messenger app.

Following the multiple cheating controversies, Mnet announced earlier that contestants who cheat and try to communicate with fans will be given a penalty, in that they won’t be able to perform the songs they wanted.

“We were able to directly confirm with the trainee [Lim Young Min] through his agency, and he says he never told his family what song he wanted to perform. However, it has been confirmed that his family and fans have discussed this, and for fairness, he must receive a penalty. We’re currently discussing the penalty details.”

— Insider at Mnet

Previously, Lim Young Min’s friend was also accused of spoiling the new rankings of the contestants, but his agency Brand New Music confirmed that he never spoiled the results to any of his friends or acquaintances. Mnet said that they won’t be penalizing him for this incident.

Source: Star News