“Produce 48” Reveals Evaluation Scores Of The Two Former YG Entertainment Trainees

Well, to be exact, the program didn’t mean to reveal them.

Produce 48 trainees Roya Park and Jinny Park have since stolen the center of attention with their “former YG Entertainment trainees” label and their charismatic presences to prove that they come with talent and experience.

These two trainees made quite memorable entrances on to the show, claiming they are ready to prove YG Entertainment wrong for losing them.


Unfortunately, while viewers awaited some screen time of their evaluation performance, the girls’ stage never aired in the past two episodes.

Instead, the program showed the trainees dancing to “Pick Me” and “Heavy Rotation” with the rest of the contestants.


Only, some eagle-eyed viewers caught the un-blurred group ranks on the girls’ name cards, in the split second of the two trainees captured dancing in the teaser for the second episode.

The blonde haired trainee in the front to the right is Roya Park and the one next to her is Jinny Park.

Here’s another instance of Roya Park’s ranking being shown. Her name card reads, “C Park Seo Young”.


Mnet managed to blur out most other instances.

Viewers realized the girls have already been placed into Group C without any screen time of the performance or the evaluation.


Since then, Mnet released the girls’ unaired footage of the evaluation stage. Roya Park and Jinny Park performed Chung Ha’s “Roller Coaster”.

Viewers remain hopeful the girls will receive more coverage in the upcoming episodes.