Latest Proof Of HYBE “Erasing” NewJeans Stirs Controversy

HYBE has been accused of “mistreating” the group on more than one occasion.

Since the conflict between ADOR‘s CEO Min Hee Jin and HYBE surfaced, many fans have worried about NewJeans‘ future.

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NewJeans | ADOR

Many have suspected the agency of attempting to sabotage them, with netizens accusing HYBE of malicious media play involving them and other groups. One such discussion felt HYBE was attempting to “erase” the group’s influence.

HYBE Allegedly Has Begun Erasing NewJeans

Now, netizens believe this has happened again by NewJeans’s exclusion from an upcoming exhibition.

On June 9, it was announced that HYBE would collaborate with The Grammy Museum for a special exhibition on its artists. “HYBE: We Believe in Music, A Grammy Museum Exhibit” is said to contain items from the company’s artists in one of the museum’s biggest exhibitions to date.

HYBE and their artists represent the present and future of the global music landscape, and our goal with this exhibit is to deepen the appreciation and respect for its creators and performers. HYBE has contributed to creating a playground of innovation that inspires fandoms that transcend age, gender, geography and beyond. The GRAMMY Museum is thrilled to provide a space where fans can express their love for K-pop and feel closer to their favorite idols.

— Michael Sticka, President/CEO of the GRAMMY Museum.

The announcement came with a graphic depicting the artists that would be included in the exhibition, including the newest group KATSEYE, and artists under sub-labels, like Zico.

However, netizens were quick to notice that NewJeans was not listed among the idols.

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| The Grammy Museum

Many expressed disappointment over the exclusion by the company, seeing it as proof of NewJeans’ mistreatment.

Source: Grammy Museum


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