Prosecution Didn’t Continue Investigating B.I During 2016 Because The Informant “Cried Too Much” During Questioning

They revealed information about their secret investigation into YG.

The Suwon District Prosecution made an official statement about what exactly took place back in 2016 regarding Miss A‘s initial testimony about B.I and YG.

They explained that the police had arrested ‘Miss A’ for using marijuana back in August. The prosecution planned on using ‘Miss A’ to launch a secret investigation on YG.

However, when Miss A was brought in for questioning, the prosecution claims they couldn’t investigate properly because she cried too much.

The secret investigation closed within months without any particular findings. Before they officially closed the case, they reached out to Miss A for another round of questioning but was unable to contact her as she was out of the country.

News reports claim the prosecution office is going back and forth with their story. They had first reportedly claimed that they had investigated Miss A for marijuana charges but now are changing their story to claim they investigated Miss A for their secret investigation on YG.

Netizens have also been speculating that YG had a hand in prosecution to halt the investigations.

During mid-2016, we received information that a drug dealer was selling drugs to celebrities who were managed under YG. We then launched a secret investigation.

The secret investigation was closed with much success, but we cannot reveal the details to the press as it pertains to other prosecution issues.

The secret investigation launched by the prosecution did not include B.I, so it was different from the one launched by the police. We understood that the police were investigating B.I.

— Suwon District Prosecution

Source: Yonhap News

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