Prosecution Suspected Of Helping YG Entertainment Hide B.I’s Drug Accusation Case

New details discovered about the 2016 drug case.

MBN News released an exclusive report that arose suspicions that the national prosecution office may have helped YG Entertainment hide B.I‘s initial drug case back in 2016.

Han Seo Hee revealed that she confessed everything about her association with B.I and his alleged drug use back in 2016 when she was first arrested for using marijuana. Despite her evidence and initial testimony, no investigation was launched on B.I after she was forced to change her statement by Yang Hyun Suk.

When the police began to receive backlash for allegedly getting rid of evidence and police files related to B.I, they responded that they only stopped because the prosecution office demanded that the investigations be stopped and handed over.

MBN News discovered that the prosecution office specifically pointed out B.I’s case and requested all files as it “pertains to another investigation that they are currently processing about YG.

Although the police handed over the files, the prosecution office did not start any investigation on B.I’s case and stopped Han Seo Hee’s as well.

When the prosecution office was questioned about why nothing was done about B.I and Han Seo Hee, they claimed that they never requested the documents from the police. They did confirm that they were investigating into YG at the time but could not reveal any details about it.

It’s not true that we requested [the police] to hand over the case about B.I or Han Seo Hee’s drug case.

It’s true that we were investigating YG Entertainment, but we can’t confirm what we were investigating them about.

— Prosecution Office

As the police and the prosecution are telling two different stories, netizens began to suspect that the prosecution was also corrupt as they allegedly helped YG Entertainment hide B.I’s drug case.

Source: MBN TV

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