The Reason PSY Started Releasing His Own Music Again Was All Because Of BTS’s Suga

If it wasn’t for Suga, there might not have been an album!

PSY recently released his epic track “That That,” where the veteran actor collaborated with BTS‘s Suga. As expected, the song quickly took over the internet, and netizens couldn’t get over the catchy and humorous song between two iconic artists.

PSY (left) and BTS’s Suga (right) | @psy_oppa/Twitter

Although Suga has been releasing songs consistently over the past few years, whether with BTS or with other artists, it has been over five years since PSY released an album.

However, that wasn’t to say that PSY wasn’t busy. After releasing 4X2=8 in 2017, PSY focused his attention elsewhere as he established his record label P NATION. Since 2019, PSY has focused its attention on helping his artists, including Jessi, HyunA, DAWN, and many more.

Hyuna, PSY, DAWN, and Jessi | P NATION

Jessi (left) and PSY (right) | @jessicah_o/Instagram

Well, it seems like after years of helping others, he finally became inspired to release new music, and it was all because of Suga!

In a recent interview with Billboard, PSY sat down and discussed everything from what it was like creating the track, his friendship with the BTS members, and much more.

PSY | @psy_oppa/Twitter

PSY explained that he had been happily content being a manager to his P NATION artists for the past two years, but suddenly that changed when Suga approached him and explained that he had a track he wanted to produce.

Right before that, I was a perfect manager. I was really into being a manager of the company for the last two years, before I met this track. He came with the track and he suggested me. He wanted to produce me.


| psyofficial/ YouTube     

If that wasn’t enough inspiration, it seemed like working with Suga rekindled PSY’s desire to perform his own music. In particular, he explained that the writing process was so impactful that he was inspired the next month to write even more tracks.

According to PSY, it was Suga’s youthfulness and attitude that was key to the writing process and impacted him the most.

I was boosted with that incident, that young blood of that musician. We worked together, it was fun and I thought, ‘Yeah, this is music; this was what I’ve been doing since I was young.’ When I saw what he was doing, improvising and his enthusiasm, I got literally infected from him.


| psyofficial/ YouTube

Even though PSY is a senior to Suga, the writing process seemed to cement the duo’s friendship. Alongside working on the music, they seemed to form a connection based on their shared love of music which made everything a lot easier.

But the quote he said was absolutely the trigger – he said, ‘Hyung, regarding hip-hop, the ’90s were the bomb.’ But the boy was born in the ’90s! He talked to me about Biggie and Tupac, I was like, ‘How do you know all that?’ He’s really crazy about ’90s hip-hop.


| psyofficial/ YouTube

Suga might seem quiet and reserved, but the idol has proven just how pleasant he is to be around. Whether it’s the members of BTS or other idols, his charm and personality have the ability to put people at ease and even inspire them.

You can read more about PSY gushing about working with Suga below.

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Source: Billboard