Psychiatrist outraged at Jonghyun’s Doctor for failing to help him

The doctor blamed Jonghyun’s depression on his personality, and didn’t help him.

The Korean doctor who SHINee‘s Jonghyun was seeing is being heavily criticized for not taking better care of Jonghyun.

Not only was he mentioned in Jonghyun’s suicide note, it appears that he even blamed Jonghyun for being depresssed.

“They told me to find out why I hurt.
I know too well. I hurt because of me. It’s all my fault and all because I’m lacking.
Doctor, is this what you wanted to hear?
No. I have done nothing wrong.

When the gentle voice blamed my personality I thought, ‘damn being a doctor is easy.’
It’s so odd that it hurts so much. People who have it worse than me live fine, people who are weaker than me carry on fine. Maybe that’s not true. There’s no one alive that’s got it worse than me or is weaker than me.”

— Jonghyun (Suicide Letter)

Now, a Korean psychiatrist, Kim Hyunchul, is blasting this doctor on Twitter for his negligence and complete failure in taking care of Jonghyun.

The identity of Jonghyun’s doctor has yet to be revealed and he has not responded to any of these criticisms against him.

Below is the psychiatrist who criticized Jonghyun’s doctor and the tweets he made:

1) I cannot recognize that doctor as a fellow doctor.
2) Go excercise / Go see some sunlight, among other suggestions are the worst and mosts traumatic things [to say to someone with depression].
3) In these situations, they never release public statements.

— Psychiatrist Kim Hyunchul (1st Tweet)


— Psychiatrist Kim Hyunchul (2nd Tweet)

(Editors Note: This is reference to the the article he tweets in response to, which discusses Jonghyun’s doctor and his questionable diagnosis and treatment.)

Jonghyun’s “doctor blames personality for depression”

—Psychiatrist Kim Hyunchul (3rd Tweet)

(Editors Note: He links to an article with the headline above, which is an excerpt from Jonghyun’s suicide letter mentioning his doctor.)

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