PSY’s Summer Swag 2022 Concert Series Continues To Draw Ire From Concert Attendees And Netizens Alike

“At this point, shouldn’t they just shut the concert down?”

We have earlier reported on PSY‘s Summer Swag 2022 concert series’ many controversies.

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From receiving criticism for wasting tons of water every show to lax COVID-19 preventative measures, a contract worker’s death, and damage to a recent venue that held the concert, the concert series has been controversial, to say the least.

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On August 17, new reports of further controversy surrounding the summer concert series made the news.

According to reports, a recent concert goer in Daegu lamented the concert’s lack of COVID-19 safety measures. On an online community, the netizen wrote his concerns.

Since it was packed from the entrance, about a thousand people didn’t receive their poncho, mask, and bag. Also, I’m not sure if it was because of the weather or the people pushing, but many people fainted. PSY literally had to re-sing seven songs because while he sang, someone would faint or need medical help.

— Netizen

According to the netizen, 370 people needed medical attention, and 162 people needed to take a medical break. Of those, four people were transported to the hospital.

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Reports allege that over 50K people attended the concert in Daegu over two days on August 13 and 14. Despite the apparent risk of COVID-19, it seems the concert didn’t follow guidelines.

According to COVID-19 guidelines set by the city of Daegu, if there are over 50 people attending an outside event, masks are mandatory. Also, if people are seen without masks, concert attendees are to ask that they wear one. If these guidelines are not followed, concert-goers are subject to ejection.

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After the Daegu concerts, there have been reports of a rise in cases among concert attendees, which mirrors concert-goers from other cities.

Netizens voiced their concern for the concert series once again.

  • “WTF is this?”
  • “I heard someone got hit in the face by the water cannon.”
  • “Drenched in COVID-19.”
  • “Why would you go there?”
  • “At this point, shouldn’t they just shut the concert down?”

Korea is still reeling from its summer COVID-19 Omicron wave. On August 17, Korea reported 180,803 new cases of COVID-19, the highest one-day tally in fourth months.

What are your thoughts? Is PSY’s concert all in good fun, or at this point, is it irresponsible in this climate?

Source: Wikitree and kukinews