Is The Public Unusually Lenient Only Towards BLACKPINK’s Jennie? Fierce Debate Ensues After Recent Smoking Controversy

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In a tweet that has gone viral with over 3 million views, OP brings up the question of how BLACKPINK‘s Jennie allegedly seems to get away with more than other celebrities. As many know, she recently received backlash for smoking an e-cigarette indoors, right in front of her staff members.

Although she duly received criticism from many netizens, an X user wondered why she seems to receive less criticism than other celebrities for similar actions.

But about Jennie… I’m fascinated by how she seems to receive less criticism compared to other idols all the time.

1. Smoking indoors

2. The way a victim accused her of bullying, releasing her gradution photos and pics from her schooling days too

3. Dating Kai, G-DRAGON, and V, etc

Feels like the public is always lenient on her… She’s such a lucky idol.

β€” UR_producer

The viral post caused a fierce debate to ensue. While some agreed with the OP, others were quick to point out that the third point is no cause for criticism. After all, celebrities shouold be free to date.

Why must she be criticized for number three? Ahjumma, go and take your meds.

β€” akkachandesu

Can’t believe such a post has thousands of likes, f*ck LOL. It’s so transparent how the boy crazy K-girls on Twitter are so crazed over men that they are taking the opportunity to hate on Jennie. It’s none of my business how she’s getting cursed for smoking indoors, but y’all are really barking over a few non-confirmed dating rumors.

β€” lovekmj0101

Others take a more logical stance, calling her out for her indoor smoking, while being fair to Jennie at the same time.

It’s so true that she was absolutely in the wrong for indoor smoking if it’s true, but isn’t it too tunnel-visioned of you to claim that she gets criticized less than other idols? Jennie’s the very person who’s still at the mercy of all the hate posts from mentally ill people on community sites, despite her many years in K-Pop.

β€” B0Y_blxck

Jennie has already received due criticism for the recent controversy. You can read more about netizens’ reactions below.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Gets Severely Slammed Worldwide For Smoking Indoors



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