Kim Yuna Gives Wedding Guests A Luxurious Gift, Living Up To Her “Queen Yuna” Title

Netizens react to the surprising gift.

Kim Yuna just had her fairytale wedding to Forestella‘s Ko Woo Rim. Judging by the videos and pictures slowly being released by media and attendees, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Kim Yuna (left) and Kim Woo Rim (right) | @kdramatreats/Twitter

Having retired from competitive skating in 2014, Kim Yuna remains beloved by the nation, and fans around the world endearingly refer to the figure skating legend as “Queen Yuna.”

Kim Yuna | @yunakim/Instagram

The record-breaking Olympian stole the hearts of the nation with her expressive and elegant skating, all while giving captivating performances and performing jumps with technical precision.

Off the ice, she proved herself to be multi-talented, recording multiple songs, including a collaboration with Lee Seung Gi for a 2010 World Cup commercial.

“Smile Boy” by Kim Yuna and Lee Seung Gi | moraynnie5/YouTube

Her status as an elite athlete and the nation’s “queen” also led to many endorsement deals over the years, including when she was named an official ambassador for Dior.

| @yunakim/Instagram

Kim Yuna pulled out all the stops for her wedding and gifted her attendees a gift bag of Dior basic cosmetic sets, a luxury gift befitting of her “Queen Yuna” title. Dior, a French luxury goods brand, is credited as one of the driving forces that put France back on the map as a fashion capital after World War II. It remains a staple in luxury fashion today.

Her guests shared photos of hundreds of Dior bags lined up in a row.

Caption: “Prepping the guests’ gift bags” | theqoo

Another guest gawked at the quality of the gift, captioning the photo, “Wowza… look at this guest gift.

| theqoo

Some netizens responded enviously, discrediting the gift by questioning if Dior provided it because of Kim Yuna’s ambassadorship or if she had purchased it herself.

Most netizens quickly shut those comments down, some saying they would readily accept the gift, regardless of whether it was sponsored, appreciating the prestigious brand and its impressive partnership with Kim Yuna.

| theqoo
  • “If not sponsored, then because it’s for an ambassador, the brand probably didn’t sell it at regular price. I mean, it’s not like DIOR is doing this to make money off Yuna. They’re doing this to promote their brand, so it’s likely that the HQ is sponsoring in some way. Like, people who received the goods at her wedding will remember the brand and will likely become returning customers.”
  • “Well, we don’t know if the gifts were sponsored or not. I do know, though, that I would’ve loved to get DIOR goods as a gift for attending a wedding. And TBH, if I owned DIOR, I would’ve sponsored everything for Yuna. Anyway, we don’t really need to know whether the gifts were sponsored or not. It was her wedding day. We should just focus on congratulating her. Stop talking smack and just wish Yuna a happy life.”
  • “I don’t know about sponsorship, but she’s an ambassador for the brand so it only makes sense that she chose DIOR goods.”
  • “Doesn’t matter whether it was sponsored or not. If it’s DIOR, I’m taking it.”
  • “Wooooow.”
  • “I mean, does it really matter whether the gifts were sponsored or purchased by Yuna herself? The people who actually received the gifts must’ve been happy. I know I would’ve f*cking appreciated a DIOR cosmetic set. Like, WTF? What’s wrong with y’all?”

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Source: theqoo
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