“Queendom” Season 2 Has Been Confirmed—Here Are 2 Groups Netizens Think Will Be Perfect For The Show

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Mnet recently announced the second season of Queendom, and fans immediately began guessing which groups would appear on the show!

“Queendom” poster | Mnet

The first season of Queendom originally ran in 2019, and had 5 groups and 1 soloist competing in the show, which were MAMAMOO


Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl







…and former 2NE1 member Park Bom!

Park Bom

Mnet then ran a boy group version of the show in 2021 titled Kingdom, and have now officially announced the launch of their second season for girl groups, set to air in the year 2022!

After the success of the original season, netizens immediately started thinking up groups that would flourish on the show, and thought of 2 groups that would totally kill it! One of their picks is Dreamcatcher, a group well-known for their distinctive horror concept and hard-hitting rock sound!

Dreamcatcher | Dreamcatcher Company

Along with having an amazing discography, Dreamcatcher is also known for their elaborate stages and performance skills, and netizens believe they would be the perfect addition to the show!

The second group netizens chose is none other than Weki Meki! Like Dreamcatcher, the group is in their 4th year of debut, and totally have the skills and experience to blow people away!

Weki Meki | Fantagio

The members of Weki Meki are all excellent performers, with great dance, vocal, and rap skills, and netizens believe their ability to be versatile will help them show off through tons of concepts!

Queendom is set to launch sometime in 2022. Who do you think will participate in the show?

Source: The Qoo

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