“Under The Queen’s Umbrella” Heartthrob Moon Sang Min Has Nothing But Praise For The Legendary Kim Hye Soo

Moon Sang Min reveals what it was like acting with the legendary actor.

Actor Moon Sang Min spoke to Wikitree in an exclusive interview, in which he revealed what it was like to work with legendary actress Kim Hye Soo.

Moon Sang Min | tvN

On December 12, the actor met with Wikitree and spoke about his most recent drama, Under The Queen’s Umbrella.

Poster for Under The Queen’s Umbrella | tvN

In the drama, Moon Sang Min played one of Kim Hye Soo’s unruly sons, who would later mature into becoming Korea’s next Crown Prince.

In the interview, Moon Sang Min stated he was incredibly grateful to have worked with Kim Hye Soo, who the actor revealed had helped him become a better actor.

For me, every moment (of working with her) was precious. Sunbaenim (Kim Hye Soo) would go over my lines and coach me on how to react in scenes like the one with Hwaryeong. Thanks to her, I was able to naturally get into character. (And) Thanks to her, my character was able to find direction. She helped me the most when I was analyzing my character.

— Moon Sang Min

Moon Sang Min also expressed that it was a joy working with Kim Hye Soo and also stated he was grateful to have worked with such a great veteran cast.

I felt a thrill working with sunbaenim. I felt like she was invested in the scenes with me to the point where I felt I was acting with her, which made me happy. Not only Kim Hye Soo sunbaenim, but I received positive energy from working with Kim Hae Sook, Choi Won Young, and the other sunbaenims.

— Moon Sang Min

Although the environment on set was jovial, the actor revealed there were times when he was overwhelmed by the prowess of the veteran actors. When asked if he wasn’t nervous about acting with such legendary actors, the actor revealed one scene which was particularly intimidating for him.

There is one scene when the Queen Dowager, played by Kim Hae Sook sunbaenim, yells at me. If you watch the scene, you can see me avoid her stare. This was a real reaction. The director told me that I couldn’t be intimidated and that our characters had to be on equal footing, but it was difficult. I tried my best to get into character while acting. I (had to) pinch myself while acting.

— Moon Sang Min

The tvN drama Under The Queen’s Umbrella ended its successful run and has been one of the most acclaimed dramas of the year. Featuring an all-star cast of some of Korea’s most revered actors, the drama received much praise for its cast’s acting.

If you haven’t checked out the drama, make sure to watch its trailer in the link below!


Source: Wikitree

Under The Queen's Umbrella

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