52-Year-Old Veteran Actress Kim Hye Soo Undergoes A Dramatic Transformation For Her New Film “Smugglers”

Her unaging visuals are as shocking as her diverse acting!

One of the hottest veteran actresses in the Korean entertainment industry has to be Kim Hye Soo.

Actress Kim Hye Soo | Netflix

Since making her debut nearly 30 years ago in 1986, the actress has continued to wow netizens with her unreal and unaging visuals and her diversity. Whether it was K-Dramas or movies, Kim Hye Soo never failed to pull on the heartstrings of fans and make projects instant hits.

Yet, more recently, Kim Hye Soo gained attention for her motherly role in the hit K-Drama Under The Queen’s Umbrella, where she played Queen Hwaryeong…

Kim Hye Soo with her “sons” in the “Under The Queen’s Umbrella” poster | tvN
| tvN

And Juvenile Justice, where she played a stern judge of the Juvenile Court with a bitter past that shaped how she perceived juvenile offenders.

Kim Hye Soo in “Juvenile Justice” | Netflix

Well, it seems like Kim Hyen Soo is ready to show yet another side to her… and it’s meant an unreal transformation. The actress has been promoting her new film, Smugglers, which is set in the 1970s and revolves around female drivers who get caught up in smuggling. 

Even at the press conference, Kim Hye Soo boasted unaging visuals in a beautiful black dress with polka dots and butterfly designs.

While Kim Hye Soo looked utterly ageless at the press conference, the actress also gained attention for her transformation for the role in the Smugglers. In her role, the actress gives netizens completely different looks that capture the essence of the project, yet, it’s worlds away from some of her past roles.

Kim Hye Soo in “Smugglers” | Next Entertainment World
| Next Entertainment World
| Next Entertainment World

When the photos were released, netizens couldn’t get over the actress’s aura. After playing so many diverse roles, netizens couldn’t believe that Kim Hye Soo continues to showcase her unreal skills and hit back at any preconceptions about older actresses in the Korean entertainment industry.

Yet, it’s not the first time Kim Hye Soo has gained attention for showcasing just how badass she is. Earlier in the year, the actress attended the GUCCI cruise and definitely stood out with her unique look.

Kim Hye Soo at the GUCCI cruise show

As always, Kim Hye Soo proves that age is but a number. In an industry where women’s careers are always uncertain, especially as they get older, Kim Hye Soo has proved she doesn’t need to be put in a box with roles and can continue to showcase her diversity.

Under The Queen's Umbrella

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