Past Footage of Sam Okyere Checking Out Model Choi Yeo Jin Resurfaces In Light Of “Sexual Joke” Controversy

The attacks against Sam Okyere keep coming.

Following the heated blackface parody controversy, Ghanaian TV entertainer in Korea, Sam Okyere came additional fire for what netizens are claiming to be a “sexual joke” about black people and Korean people.

In light of the continued controversy among Korean netizens, an Instagram post of Sam Okyere commenting, “Preach” to a fan who made the remark, “Cute. Once you go black, you never go back. Lol” underneath a photo of Sam Okyere with actress, Park Eun Hye became yet another reason for netizens to criticize the star.

| @samokyere1/Instagram

Some questioned why he could make jokes about black people while Korean people couldn’t, and others wondered if that was a direct insult toward Korean people.

And the added attack caused Sam Okyere to shut down his account completely.

As a result, past footage of Sam Okyere on MBC‘s Radio Star resurfaced, only adding fuel to the fire.

Back in 2014, Sam Okyere appeared on the variety show and praised model, Choi Yeo Jin for her beauty.

You’re really pretty. Your figure is gorgeous, too.

— Sam Okyere

But the part in question was where Sam Okyere scanned the model up and down.

When the host, Kyuhyun warned him not to scan him up and down, Sam Okyere replied, “We look at bodies first in Ghana.

Choi Yeo Jin also added, “You’re scanning me too much with your eyes.

Regarding this clip, netizens are criticizing the star with comments such as “That’s uncomfortable to watch” and “He scans her to the point of her feeling shocked“.

On the other hand, others are refuting the criticism with comments such as “I think people are being too sensitive” and “He was probably just trying to compliment her“.

Sam Okyere is continuing to come under fire by Korean netizens.

Source: Insight