Rain Donates Entire Proceeds From Ambassador Activities With Levi Strauss Korea To Support Disadvantaged Women

Rain revealed he will be donating all of his fees:

Showcasing his warm heart, Rain is making a big donation to help support women who are currently facing difficulties due to the current COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic.

On June 3, Rain was officially introduced as the brand ambassador for the denim brand Levi Strauss Korea. Through a press release made on the same day, Rain was also revealed to be doing something amazing with all of his modeling fees for the brand.

All of his fees from his promotional activities with Levi Strauss Korea will be used to support disadvantaged women in society through the purchase of feminine products like sanitary napkins.

Rain’s agency, Rain Company and its partner Sublime Artist Agency, announced that Rain had decided to donate all of his fees in response to all the love and interest his 2017 single “Gang” has generated lately.

The recent ‘Gang’ sensation created by fans has recently become a hot topic. In response, Rain decided to donate all of his remunerations from his first advertisement with Levi Strauss. Rain’s donations will be used to support women who are currently encounterings difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

— Sublime Artist Agency

Rain, meanwhile, is gearing up to be a judge on the upcoming K-Pop survival program I-LAND.

Source: Herald Pop