Two Random Civilians Save A Beaten And Kidnapped Woman From Her Boyfriend

She wanted to breakup with him — he didn’t.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

A story about a woman, who was rescued after being kidnapped has been making headlines all across the nation.

On June 24, CCTV footage showed Ms. A being shoved inside her boyfriend’s white vehicle. According to KBS News, it was reported that she had been physically assaulted prior to this moment. In the footage, viewers can see that a male forces a female inside of his car, not allowing her to leave the vehicle.

After shoving his girlfriend back into the car, the white car was then captured leaving the alleyway.

After Mr. B drove out of the alley and onto a busier road, it was reported that Ms. A escaped the vehicle and began to scream for help.

Ms. A exiting Mr. B’s car, which is circled in white by KBS News.

A passerby delivery worker heard her cries and U-turned their motorcycle back towards Ms. A to aid her.

Not only did the delivery worker help rescue Ms. A, but another passerby, this time a taxi driver also came to Ms. A’s rescue. The taxi driver blocked off Mr. B’s car to ensure that he would not be able to escape as they all waited for the police, who arrived only minutes later.

In a report made by KBS News, it was revealed that before the kidnapping, Ms. A had asked Mr. B to end their relationship, which is where Mr. B erupted in anger. He physically assaulted Ms. A and as she attempted to run away from him, he grabbed her and kidnapped her by forcefully putting her into his car.

While the police requested for an arrest warrant, charging Mr. B with confinement and assault, the prosecution is said to have rejected their request.

Source: Naver News