Rapper BewhY To Take Legal Action Against Malicious Comments Regarding Recent Controversy

He will not take this lightly.

Recently, rapper BewhY and Khundi Panda received backlash for their behavior on an episode of KBS Cool FM’s Kiss The Radio hosted by DAY6’s Young K.

| @day6_kisstheradio/Instagram

Following the recent controversy, both rappers posted apology messages through their Instagram accounts.

Most recently, BewhY made a post including a photo of his phone call with a lawyer, and stated that he would be taking legal action towards malicious commenters.

We once again apologize to those that have been offended by us. However, we will not overlook the malicious comments that have been written differently from the actual situation. In order take properly take care of this; we have completed a large part of the data collection, and we will take legal action against the malicious rumors or malicious comments and messages without any leniency.

— BewhY

Additionally, we will continue to collect and legally respond to all malicious comments against the artists of Dejavu Group, including myself. (The previously posted apology has been set to archived for a follow-up and to prevent deletion of comments.)

— BewhY

While fans are divided on the rappers’ apologies, some feel that it is still important to take action towards malicious commenters regardless of the controversy.

Source: herald pop