Rapper Kisum Tested For COVID-19 After Sharing A Waiting Room With Everglow

One of Everglow’s staff had tested positive for the virus.

Rapper Kisum was tested for COVID-19 after a member from Everglow‘s team had tested positive for the virus. Everglow’s fans had worried that the members may have contracted the virus after a woman who flew on the same plane as the members had tested positive for the virus.

Yuehua Entertainment later confirmed that one of their staff members had tested positive for the virus but the members had all tested negative. Despite testing negative, the members all canceled their schedules and decided to self-quarantine for 2 weeks for safety precautions.

Kisum had used the same waiting room as Everglow during a broadcast, and many worried that she may possibly have been in close contact with a staff member who may have the virus.

We heard from a broadcast staff that one of Everglow’s staff member had tested positive for COVID-19. As Kisum had shared the waiting room during SBS MTV’s The Show from 2 weeks ago, we immediately tested Kisum and all of the staff members for COVID-19. Everyone had tested negative.

— FirstOne Entertainment

Although they tested negative, Kisum and her staff members have also gone into self-quarantine as dictated by the government and related organizations. She canceled all of her schedules for the next 2 weeks.

Kisum updated her fans on Instagram that she’s doing well and healthy. She promised to return safely after self-quarantining and asked everyone to stay healthy as well.

Everyone, don’t worry too much!

I’m healthy, and I’ll return after safely self-quarantining!!!

Everyone, please remember to always wear a mask and wash your hands and sanitize after coming home. Let’s overcome this together!

#Corona #GTFO

— Kisum

Source: isplus