Yuehua Entertainment Confirms Their Staff Has Coronavirus (COVID-19), Everglow All Negative But To Self-Isolate 2 Weeks

The members all tested negative.

Yuehua Entertainment has confirmed that a member of their staff has been confirmed to have Coronavirus (COVID-19) and as a result, Everglow will self-isolate for 2 weeks.

In an official statement, Yuehua Entertainment announced their staff’s Coronavirus case and outlined how they will proceed with Everglow.

Hello, this is Yuehua Entertainment.

One of our staff members was confirmed to have Coronavirus on April 2, and our group Everglow was also tested. As of today, April 3, all of the members tested negative, and we are notifying you.

Based on the results of the epidemiological investigation, our other staff members were tested. Some have received a negative result, some are still waiting for their results. Details will be announced by the relevant authorities as soon as they are confirmed.

Everglow members all tested negative, but for safety reasons, all of their previous scheduled activities have been cancelled. According to the government and health authorities’ policies, the members will all self-isolate for 2 weeks.

Yuehua Entertainment will continue to recognize the seriousness of the issue, and take the best possible measures, and cooperate with authorities. We apologize for causing concern, and we will do our best to protect our team’s safety and health from Coronavirus.

— Yuehua Entertainment

Earlier in the day, Everglow fans raised their concerns after it was discovered that one of the confirmed cases in Gangnam matched the same timeline as Everglow’s return from New York City on March 15.

Everglow Fans Worried After Woman On Same Flight From New York Is Confirmed With Coronavirus

Source: Sports Seoul