Rapper Lee Youngji Shares How She Ended Up Appearing On “Street Woman Fighter”

It’s not because of Chaeyeon!

Rapper Lee Youngji made waves when she appeared on Street Woman Fighter as part of the Mega Crew Mission. She joined team WANT and danced alongside idols such as Lee Chaeyeon, Weki Meki‘s Kim Yoojung and LOONA‘s Yves. She shocked the viewers with her amazing dance skills. On the other hand, the team received some criticism for having her on the mission despite her not seeming to have any value-add in terms of professional dancing, unlike Kim Yoojung and Yves who are known as the main dancers in their groups. WANT was accused of simply using their celebrity connections without much thought to the mission.

However, in a recent interview with MAMAMOO‘s Solar, Lee Youngji revealed that this was all planned by Mnet. They had invited her as a guest on the show, and she had rejected them thinking that she could not contribute anything.

She was convinced when the production team told her she only needed to dance to 4 eights. In dance, 4 eights is usually 30 seconds or less even. She agreed, assuming that she only needed to show her face briefly. Who knew that the dance would end up so challenging!

Youngji revealed that she was anticipating the public’s criticism but she had been under the impression that all the crews would be inviting celebrities as guests. Although she felt that she probably did not need to have been there…

…ultimately she had a good time! She finished off with a compliment for all of Korean female dancers.

Korean women who dance are f*cking sexy.

— Lee Youngji

Yes, Youngji, we think so too! Check out the full interview with Solar below.

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