Rapper Swings Spotted On A Date With Ex-Girlfriend Model Im Bo Ra — Three Years After Breaking Up

Could they be back together?

It has been reported in Korean media that rapper Swings has begun dating his ex-girlfriend, model-actress Im Bo Ra once again. The two were spotted out on a date near Gongdeok, Seoul, on October 9, 2023. According to tip-offs, they sat opposite each other in a restaurant, chatting happily.

What caught fans by surprise was how Swings had his arm around Im Bo Ra during multiple times in the night. She later moved to sit next to him instead of opposite.

Eyewitnesses also claimed that Swings had been looking at her lovingly. They sat at the restaurant for around two to three hours.

Swings’ company gave a brief statement to the press, claiming that “it would be hard to confirm as a company, due to it being a part of his private life.” Swings and Im Bo Ra dated for around three years between 2017 and 2020.

Swings and Im Bo Ra.

They met through Swings’ music video filming, and Swings fell in love with her at first sight. They even opened a cafe together in 2019. In 2020, they both unfollowed each other on social media, sparking suspicions about a breakup. Later on, Swings confirmed that they had broken up but remained as friends who cheered each other on. They were both spotted at a friend’s birthday party in December 2022. Back then, his company confirmed that they had only attended the party as they both knew the host, denying reunion rumors.

Im Bo Ra has since made a career for herself as an actress and model. She has been a longtime model for O-LENS…

Im Bo Ra for O-LENS.

…and has even starred in various webdramas and dramas. Recently, she played a supporting role in Escape Of The 7. She also owns her own makeup brand called, named after herself as Bo Ra means purple in Korean.

Im Bo Ra in Escape Of The 7.

Congratulations to the couple on possibly getting back together!

Source: TV Report